State law requires all loads be covered before transport.

you can recycle most batteries

Stop!  You don't have to put those batteries in your garbage...see our list of collection locations below to avoid landfilling these recyclable materials.  

Household/Alkaline Batteries:

Can be recycled for a fee, typically $0.99/lb. However they are no longer considered hazardous material so if you are unable to take them for recycling, these batteries can be disposed of in your garbage. For proper, safe disposable (to prevent fires) be sure to tape both ends before putting into garbage containers.

Other Batteries:

May be considered hazardous materials and need to be disposed of properly.  View our Battery Recycling & Disposal Policy (Effective March 8, 2010) for specific battery disposal.  Call 877-270-3989 before-hand for possible fees and hours. Protect electrodes with tape and place batteries in a plastic bag by size/type.

Please call ahead for specific details and directions regarding your batteries.  Drop-off Locations:  

  • Marathon County Solid Waste Department - R18500 E. Highway 29, Ringle - 715-446-3101

  • Batteries and Bulbs Plus - 4511 Rib Mountain Drive, Wausau - 715-393-8848

  • Northern Battery - 3607 Schofield Avenue, Schofield - 715-359-9886

  • Reigel Ace Hardware - 1701 S. Galvin , Marshfield - 715-387-3411

  • Hiller's True Value - 751 S. Central Avenue, Marshfield - 715-384-9101

  • Or contact your local Target, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, KMart, Radio Shack, or Best Buy for details.