Plastic Bags & Film

State law requires all loads be covered before transport.

Recycle clean dry plastic bags & film packaging At Store drop-off locations

You can now bring even more plastic items to many locations where plastic bags are recycled. 

Put your other film packaging into a single bag and make sure bags are clean and dry. Do not include degradable bags,
pre-washed salad bags, frozen food bags, or material that has been painted or glued, as other substances can contaminate the recycled material. When filled take to the nearest drop-off location below and place the filled bag into one of the collection bins at the front of the store. DO NOT place into your curbside bin.

Click Here for a full listing of what is acceptable.

 The following Marathon County locations will accept plastic grocery bags & other bags & film:

City of Mosinee: 225 Main Street, Mosinee, 715-692-2203 

Hanke's Sentry Foods: 110 S. Mission St, Wittenberg, 715-253-2161 

Kramer's County Market: 206 N 4th St, Abbotsford, 715-223-2378

Pick-n-Save: Cedar Creek Mall, 10101 Market St, Rothschild, 715-241-0191 / 
2806 Schofield Ave, Schofield, 715-359-9123 / 205 Central Bridge St, Wausau, 715-849-1323 

Piggly Wiggly: 530 W State Hwy 153, Mosinee, 715-693-6700

Quality Foods IGA: 2900 Rib Mountain Dr, Wausau, 715-848-2793

Skogen's Festival Foods: 1613 N Central Ave, Marshfield, 715-384-8866

Target: 2707 Schofield Ave, Schofield, 715-355-4494

Walmart: 4300 Rib Mountain Dr, Wausau, 715-359-2282

Walmart: 2001 N Central Ave, Marshfield, 715-486-9440

Click Here to enter your zip code and find the location nearest you. 

TREX Plastic Film Recycling School Challenge

Every year hundreds of schools across the nation compete against each other to recycle the most plastic film. In addition to providing a better understanding and appreciation for the importance of recycling, Trex will happily donate a high-performance composite bench to the winning school, and bestow honorary awards to every school that participates.

The challenge begins each year on America Recycles Day, November 15, and lasts until April 15. Trex will provide your school with promotional materials and three recycling bins. A volunteer must weigh and report the collected materials every month before delivering them to one of our participating drop-off retailer locations. Winners are announced on Earth Day

CLICK HERE for details.

For information on recycling agricultural plastics click here.