brush & stumps

State law requires all loads be covered before transport.

Brush, stump, large tree chunk, and yard materials are now accepted for a small fee. Please call ahead to the Info Line (877-270-3989) to confirm fees (if any) and procedures. Other facility options listed below.

yard materials include:

  • grass clippings
  • garden plant materials
  • leaves
  • vines
  • twigs
  • shrubbery trimmings
  • branches
  • limbs


Tito Trucking Excavating & Grinding: Schofield, WI. Must call ahead 715-355-6841 (Office) or 715- 574-9964. Fees vary depending on condition. Also accepts Stumps, Large tree chunks and Asphalt

Mitch King & Sons Excavating: Hatley, WI. Must call ahead 715-446-3046 (Office) or 715- 571-0927. Depending on condition, fees may apply. Also accepts Stumps, Large tree chunks and Asphalt.