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When visiting the landfill please do not wear open toed footwear(sandals or flip flops). For your own safety wear sturdy, close toed shoes.

Residents unload at the indicated “hand unload” area.



We work with many different haulers and the general public, which means that trucks of all sizes are bringing in waste and recycling of all kinds. We do our best to provide you with the best service and in turn we hope that all our haulers and the public will acknowledge and abide by a few policies and regulations that we have established.

Please review our Visitor Notice and Traffic Control Notice:

  • No smoking

  • High-visibility vests (provided at the scale) shall be worn at all times

  • Visitors with automobiles and 2-wheel drive light trucks are advised to use the dumpsters by the scale office

  • Obey all traffic signs, including speed limit signs and traffic lights

  • No pets or children under the age of 16 are allowed outside of vehicles while on site

  • It is advised that 4-wheel drive be engaged before entering the landfill working area

  • Visitors who enter the working area of the landfill do so at their own risk and are advised of the following:

    • The operator on duty is in charge of the area. His/her directions and instructions shall be followed. Visitors who fail to do so may be expelled from the site and not allowed to return.

    • Landfill roads may have soft spots and at times can be difficult to navigate

    • Sharp objects in waste material may cause damage to vehicles

    • Close toed shoes are required. No sandals or flip flops

  • At all times be aware of vehicle traffic, including heavy duty equipment

    • Never walk behind equipment or vehicles

    • Never approach equipment unless requested to do so by the operator on duty

    • Do not park closer than 10 feet from the nearest vehicle

  • When off-loading ensure vehicle is in park and is turned off

  • Visitors using the various drop off areas (shingles, tires, appliances, etc.) must obey the posted signs and directions of the scale operator

  • No scavenging is allowed

  • Report any injuries to a staff member. Each staff member is quipped with a two-way radio and can arrange for additional support if needed

  • In the event of an emergency, follow the directions of department staff or first responders

  • The scale office bathroom is the storm shelter for the site

    Traffic signs at the Solid Waste Department are meant to not only efficiently control the flow of vehicles, but to also keep all of us safe. The DNR requires that we keep traffic speed controlled as a means of controlling particulate matter and dust. Unfortunately some disregard stop signs, ignore speed limits, and/or pay little attention to the scale stop lights.

    In order to enforce on-site traffic control policies, the Solid Waste Management Board approved an ordinance to require anyone driving at the site to comply with all traffic signs. Enforcement, by way of citation, is part of this ordinance. However, the goal is not to cite anyone, but to get compliance in order to ensure safety and that DNR rules are met.

    Visitors to the site are expected to follow all traffic control signs. This is not a suggestion, it is a requirement. Safety first. Safety always.


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