latex paint

State law requires all loads be covered before transport.

Latex Paint (DRIED ONLY): Latex paint is NOT a hazardous material. But LIQUID latex paint CANNOT be put into your garbage. It must be completely dry and hard. To harden paint, pour it into a box lined with a sturdy piece of plastic. To speed the process, add kitty litter, sawdust or a hardener purchased at a hardware store. Once completely hardened, lift and twist the plastic and dry paint, then  put it into another bag and toss into trash. All paint cans must be rinsed and wiped clean. Wipe and put lids separately into your garbage. A paint can with a lid on it is perceived as having  paint in it. Your waste hauler will not check to see if lidded cans are empty and might not take the trash away. Once rinsed, metal latex paint cans that are not rusted can be recycled. Rinsed plastic, or rusty metal, latex paint cans may be put in the trash. Remember: Buy the minimum amount needed for projects. Use old latex paint for craft projects or see if friends or neighbors want the paint.