Mercury thermometers & Thermostats

State law requires all loads be covered before transport.

Mercury Reduction Program Thermometer Exchange

Marathon County’s Mercury Reduction Program will continue to exchange mercury thermometers for a digital thermometer. County residents may bring in their mercury fever thermometers and exchange them for a digital thermometer at no cost. This exchange is being co-sponsored by the Wausau Water Works, Waste Water Division, and the Rib Mountain Metropolitan Sewerage District. Digital thermometers are available at the following locations:

Marathon County Health Department: 1200 Lake View Drive, Wausau 715-261-1900
Wausau Fire Department: 606 Thomas Street, Wausau, 715-261-7900
Rothschild Municipal Center: 211 Grand Avenue, Rothschild, 715-359-3660
Rib Mountain Fire Department: 5901 Hummingbird Road, Wausau, 715-355-6763
Schofield Municipal Center: 200 Park Street, Schofield, 715-359-5230
Kronenwetter Municipal Center: 1582 Kronenwetter Drive, Mosinee, 715-693-4200

Call the exchange center nearest you for hours of operation. Please – Limit of One (1) thermometer per customer. Supplies are limited. Mercury thermometers have a silver line down the center. Red or blue lines indicate “safe” alcohol thermometers. If you have questions, please call 715-261-1900. Thank you for participating.



Most thermostats are very long lasting, so they are rarely thrown out and make up a negligible portion of the trash going to our landfills. Thermostat disposal normally wouldn’t be considered a significant environmental problem at all; however, some types of thermostats have switches that contain mercury. Mercury is a natural material with extremely useful properties, but if improperly managed it can pose serious health risks and can be a potent environmental contaminant.  

If your thermostat is not digital it most likely contains mercury. Thermostat drop-off is available at the following locations:

Marathon County Solid Waste Department: R18500 E. Hwy 29, Ringle, 715-446-3101 x100
Gustave A. Larson Co: 1301 Starling Ln, Wausau, 715-355-5414
Design Air: 6600 Packer Drive, Wausau, 715-842-1687

It is always best to call a location before you go to assure collection and verify times they are open. Thermostats must be whole and not leaking.