Dispose of used oil at the MCSWD for free.

Dispose of used oil filters at the MCSWD for $0.75/each

As of January 1, 2011, Oil Filters and Absorbents are banned from Wisconsin landfills. See below the oil filter absorbents that are banned. Used Oil can be taken to the Marathon County Landfill for FREE disposal. Your local auto shop may take it but always call ahead for procedures and fees (if any). 

*We will also take small amounts of household cooking oil for no charge.  If you have more than 5 gallons, please call so we may discuss your other options.

Used oil:

To recycle motor oil, bring it in a tightly sealed container and deposit oil in Used Motor Oil tank.  Save and reuse your container for your next haul of motor oil.

OIL/gas mixtures

Oil/gas mixtures (like ones used in small engines) may also be deposited in the Used Motor Oil tank ONLY if it is less than 5 gallons.  Mixtures over 5 gallons must be collected through the Household Hazardous Waste Program. 



The oil filter ban includes, but is not limited to, oil filters from these types of motorized vehicles: 

  • Cars

  • Trucks

  • Vans

  • Buses

  • SUVs

  • Tractors

  • Off-road equipment

  • Forklifts

  • Backhoes

  • End-loaders

  • ATVs/UTs

  • Snowmobiles

State law requires all loads be covered before transport.


  • Clay-type absorbents

  • Synthetic absorbents

  • Rags

  • Paper toweling

  • Wipes

  • Oil-dry cloths

  • Absorbent pillows, pads, or socks

  • Sand, sawdust, paper or other absorbents

Disposal of up to one gallon of oil absorbent materials from a non-routine spill is exempt.


Empty oil containers

(from refilling oil) should be re-capped and thrown in your garbage, not your recycling. The oil residue on the inside of the container renders it non-recyclable.


Always call in advance to make sure they are still taking these items, for information on when and where to bring filters and oil, how they want it contained, and if there is a fee.

Marathon Co. Solid Waste Dept: R18500 E. HWY 29 Ringle, WI 5447, 877-270-3989. Used oil filters accepted. Used oil absorbents accepted. Fees apply for both. Deliver used items in 5-gal containers or less. M-F 7:30-3:30

Napa Auto Parts (Retail Store): 3716 Downwind Drive Marshfield, WI 54449, 715-387-1738. Oil filters only. Fees Apply.

O’Reilly Auto Parts: 221 State HWY 64 Antigo, WI, 715-623-2149. Used oil & oil filters. No fees.

O’Reilly Auto Parts: 2414 E. Main Street Merrill, WI, 715-539-8020. Used oil & oil filters. No fees. 

O’Reilly Auto Parts: 1301 E. Green Bay Street Shawano, WI, 715-524-7275. Used oil & oil filters. No fees.

O’Reilly Auto Parts: 600 S. 17th Avenue Wausau, WI, 715-845-3873. Used oil & oil filters. No fees. 

Veolia-ES Cranberry Creek Landfill: 2510 Engel Road Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494, 715-421-3966. Fees apply. 

Veolia ES-Midwest Marshfield Transfer Facility: 501 S. Hume Avenue Marshfield, WI 54449, 715-387-3101. Fees apply. 

Waste Management, Inc Antigo Transfer Facility: 1715 Deleglise Street Antigo, WI, 715-627-4475. Fees apply. No used oil absorbents accepted. 

Yeager’s Salvage Yard: 8205 Camp Phillips Road Weston, WI 54476, 715-359-3606. No charge for filters. No used oil absorbents accepted. 

***Farmers Only*** Rock Oil: C4522 Hwy 97 Stratford, WI 54484, 715-687-4198. No fees No 55-gal drums full of filters Deliver used filters in 5-gal containers or less. Call for more information. Note: May accept limited quantities from the public.

Portage County Solid Waste Transfer Facility: 650 Moore Road Plover, WI, 715-343-6297. Fees Apply.  

O’Reilly Auto Parts: 853 North 8th Street Medford, WI, 715-748-6000. Used oil & oil filters. No fees. 

O’Reilly Auto Parts: 3103 Schofield Avenue Schofield, WI, 715-359-7207. Used oil & oil filters. No fees.

O’Reilly Auto Parts: 3100 Church Street Stevens Point, WI, 715-344-5992. Used oil & oil filters. No fees.

O’Reilly Auto Parts: 2446 8th Street South Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 715-423-3939. Used oil & oil filters. No fees. 

Veolia ES-Midwest Medford Transfer Facility: 645 Jensen Drive Medford, WI, 715-748-3442. Fees apply.

Veolia ES-Midwest Weston Transfer Facility: 5509 Fuller Street Weston, WI 54476, 715-359-6637. Fees apply. 

Any Walmart store with an auto service center: Need to check local stores.